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The Consulting Process

Navid’s Business Development Consulting offers innovative ideas and time-proven methods to assist your company in achieving its vision. He specializes in assessing business opportunities, providing strategies, logistics, and the human and technical resources to transform ideas into positive outcomes. His team of business consultants offers thoughtful analysis and custom solutions. From sales campaigns to support staff, Navid can provide you with the knowledge base and resources to achieve your goals.

The consulting process is a collaborative effort, designed to create specific outcomes by providing proven, repeatable techniques tailored to your specific business and industry.  Navid can help your company at any point in the business development lifecycle. Since his consulting services are designed to help your business take the next step, Navid can provide broad assessments and implementation, or step-specific solutions such as customer service scripting. Our end-to-end consulting process may include:

Needs Assessment - Defining Your Target Goals and Core Competencies

Collaborative Design of Company Strategies

Development of Process and Procedure

Implementing Go-To-Market-Launch

Detailed Evaluation using Customized Performance Metrics

Navid reviews your ideas, goals and existing initiatives and works collaboratively with you to establish your overall objectives. He provides extensive analysis, identify cost-effective solutions, and implement and evaluate sound and thoughtful conclusions.

Navid Consulting provides working solutions, not just recommendations. Employing Navid’s array of services to launch new initiatives, develop business specific training materials, or implement growth strategies allows you to focus on your core competencies and mission, while avoiding increased staffing and overhead.

A business development consultant is a person or company that helps new business owners create their businesses. In addition to helping owners with the creation of their business, they might also assist them in the day-to-day operations. Some of the tasks completed by this individual are business start-up, marketing strategy development, brand marketing, client development and deal closing.